Trailer Of RGV’s Upcoming Film ‘Coronavirus’ Set In Lockdown Released

The deadly coronavirus pandemic has brought life to a standstill in a span of a few months only. Following the lockdown and shut down of public places including theatres and cinema halls, the film industry has faced tremendous loss and a major setback. However, making good use of the pandemic, filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is all geared to bring forward his latest Telugu movie titled 'Coronavirus'. Ram Gopal Varma shared the trailer of his upcoming film on Twitter and YouTube. The trailer of the upcoming movie showcases the fear and horror in a family because of the deadly pandemic. The background music of the trailer happens to make it more thrilling and horrifying, attempting to put light on the deadly crisis and the stigma and fear attached to it.

The filmmaker also informed that the story is based on lockdown and has also been shot during this lockdown phase. The director also put forth a positive message telling people that nobody can stop a person from working, neither God nor Coronavirus. Ram Gopal Varma declared his upcoming movie to be the 'world's first film on Coronavirus subject'. The director also motivated and inspired by telling people that the actors in the film and the entire cast and crew proved that creativity can flourish and not be locked down even amid the strict lockdown. A still from the movie that the director shared on his Twitter handle showcases all his actors wearing masks even while sitting indoors. The director also attempted to showcase the need of physical distancing through his film, wherein actors were seen maintaining a distance from one another. 

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