Money belongs to Sonu if he completes the challenge, says cleric

After Sonu Nigam shaved his head, in accordance with the Fatwa or bounty of Rs 10 lakh by priest Syed Sha Atef Ali Al Quaderi. Al Quaderi said money will be given to Sonu Nigam if he completes the remaining part of the challenge: tour of India wearing a garland of shoes. "Sonu Nigam must complete the remaining two challenges," said Al Quaderi. "wear a garland of old torn shoes and a tour around the country  to win the Rs 10 lakh prize money that I had announced." "If he wants to live in this country, he must tolerate accepting Azaan and Temple's bell," he further added. Al Quaderi also appreciated Prime Minister Narendra Modi for stopping his speech when he heard the sound of Azaan from a nearby mosque and continued after it was over. The whole controversy of fatwa and shaved head started after Sonu Nigam made series of tweets on losing sleep over  morning Azaan everyday, calling it forced religious "gundagardi". This resulted in public outcry and Bollywood singers account was flooded with tweets, some in favour and some filled with abuses. In response to that Al quaderi of Howrah, West Bengal announced a fatwa of Rs 10 lakh but later media was informed that Al Quaderi is nobody when it comes to religious authority; he is neither a Maulana nor an Imam. He is a head priest of little-known Khanka Sarif near Howrah. Muslim leaders later clarified that the bounty announced isn't eligible as a fatwa as Al Quaderi is not a muslim scholar. When the head priest asked about if he is eligible for announcing a fatwa, AL Quaderi retreated from his previous comment. There goes Sonu's 10 lakhs! You May Also Like Bollywood Movies 2017 Box Office Collection Upcoming Movies List