Urmila Attacks Kangana, Says Drugs Originated in Himachal Pradesh

The Bollywood industry has recently turned into a hub of controversies surrounding drug menace. While the fearless and bold Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut has been landing her comments on Mumbai and the current drug controversies, Bollywood actress Urmila Matondkar this time has attacked Kangana over her harsh statements. Urmila Matondkar has recently opposed to Kangana Ranaut's comments by asking her to look at the drug condition of her own hometown first. While Kangana has been opposing and speaking against the drug menace prevalent in Mumbai, Urmila has attacked Kangana asking her to look at the drug menace in Himachal Pradesh. Urmila also stated that Himachal Pradesh happens to be the origin of drugs and also questioned Kangana Ranaut's knowledge regarding the same. Urmila Matondkar alleged that the whole nation has fallen prey to drugs, at the same time questioning if Kangana is aware of the fact.

Over the past several days, the Manikarnika star has been lashing out at the governance and Bollywood industry of Mumbai over the current controversial drug abuse following which Urmila Matondkar has raised an objection. The actress has expressed her fury regarding Kangana's harsh comments on her beloved Mumbai city by saying that she will not bear any negative remarks as she is a daughter of the city that belongs to many. Expressing her dismay, Urmila also reportedly stated that negative remarks against Mumbai are not only insulting to the city but the people living in the state too. Apart from this, Urmila also expressed dismay in the Y-security that has been granted to Kangana. While Kangana apparently has information regarding the drug menace in the city, Urmila also raised questions regarding Kangana's failed attempts to inform the police of the same. The controversial drug menace kickstarted after authorities investigated Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide.

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