Salman Khan left behind Akshay Kumar in terms of playing Advance Tax

Superstar Salman Khan has become the real Sultan of Bollywood over submitting advance tax. For the present financial year, he has given 16 crores tax. akshay kumar In terms of submitting advance Tax in Bollywood, Akshay Kumar, and Hrithik Roshan are after Salman Khan.Both the actors have given 11-11 crores tax to come on this position. According to the figure of September 2016, In the present financial year, Salman Khan has submitted 16 crores Advance tax. Last year, Salman Khan submitted 11 crores advance tax. Let me tell you, only half year figure is submitted in September. Last year, Akshay Kumar submitted the maximum advance tax of 18 crores. Salman Khan's film Sultan was a blockbuster of this year, this film collected 584 crores at the box office. This film has become the 4th films of Bollywood to do the maximum collection. ranbir Ranbir Kapoor is on 3rd Position over submitting Advance Tax of 7.8 crores. Last year, he submitted tax of 4 crores. Strange thing is that TV star Kapil Sharma has left behind Aamir Khan in terms of submitting advance tax. Till September, Kapil has submitted 6.06 crores as the tax. Whereas Aamir Khan has submitted tax of 3.7 crores. Not only this, recently, Kapil Sharma gave this information via tweet that from last 5 years he is submitted 15 crores IT return. Like Kapil Sharma in this financial year has given 6.06 crores as Advance tax, by this his that claim is seen correct. Right now, Income Tax department has not given information about the advance tax of Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, and Shahrukh Khan. Officers of Department told that these 3 stars have also given their tax till September, but their information cannot be given because these 3 stars are under scrutiny. On one hand, Amitabh and Aishwarya are under scrutiny over Panama Paper leak, whereas Shahrukh Khan is under scrutiny over his investment in Dubai and Gulf Countries. Kareena Kapoor gave 2 crores as Advance tax and Shahid Kapoor gave 1.75 crores. The most shocking thing is this Ajay Devgn has given Advance tax of 20 lacs. This is because Ajay Devgn has already filed an appeal against 6 crores of questioned money. You may also know : MSG : The warrior Lion heart tax free in Rajasthan Upcoming movies List