Richa did not know that Hollywood has Royalty System for their actors and technicians

After working for 2 years with Meera Nair in International Project 'Words of God', Richa Chaddha did not know that all the actor's technician linked to the film gets Royalty. Now Richa wants to start this thing in Bollywood too. Richa Chaddha in an interview told that In Hollywood, actors and techinians and their family even gets money when they don't even work. Whether the amount of the Royalty is very low. During jobless, this money supports you alot and this I dis not know. Richa says that 'We always listen that many film stars, who worked in many films in their time and during their old age days, they don't even have money to eat a chapati. If we start such Royalty in Bollywood, then actors who are in bad condition these days, it will become easier for them then. Well, this will take many years, but if it happens then advatage of this will get to my grand daughter.' Richa tells that in Hollywood, every actor gets the royalty, Whether he is a junior artist, but he gets. In the film, if somebody has not even spoken a dialogue or he has a passing shot, then also he is given royalty. Richa these days is working in many Hollywood projects. News says that she is working in David Womark's film Love Soniya'. Richa soon will be seen in Sudhir Mishra's film 'Devdas' and Pooja Bhatt's 'Cabaret'. Cabaret was to release 2 months back, but till not release date is not finalised. You may also know : Richa's look in Cabaret Upcoming movies List