Anushka Sharma and Prabhas will be in 'Dhoom 4'

Discussion for 'Dhoom 4' casting is still in row. Earlier this blockbuster franchises had superstars Shahrukh and Salman Khan's names to it., there is news that the producers have decided to repeat Hrithik as well as will take Prabhas. If sources are to be believed, then for Dhoom 4 blockbuster hero Prabhas has also be signed, Anushka Sharma as the heroine's name is going on. However, it is not clear if Hrithik to repeat lead role in Dhoom 4, so is Prabhas doing the role of Abhishek Bachchan or producers are planning to sign two Villain in Dhoom 4. However, Uday Chopra is believed to be confirmed in Dhoom 4, Then removing his companion out of the film is likely to be low.