Romanian Newspaper revelaed Salman and Lulia are married

Salman Khan is already married to his recent Girl Friend Lulia Vantur. This is said by Romanian newspaper. Recently when Salim Khan was asked about his wedding then, he said, only god knows that when will Salman Khan marry. Salman Khan recently has finished the first schedule of shooting of Tubelight in Ladhak. Here Lulia was also seen with Salman Khan. After Shooting, Lulia went to many places in Leh. They also met Dalai Lama. This photo got viral on Social media. It is been heard that Salman Khan will get married to his girlfriend Lulia Vantur this year in November. Nobody has confirmed this till now. But According to Romanian newspaper they both are married. They have not revealed it. Actually, Romanian newspaper calls Lulia as Mr Khan. Lulia is known as Doamma Khan these days. It means Royal Mrs Khan. Now which lady will get married to Salman, she will be said as Royal only. Now we are not getting that is Indian Media feeling shy on his marriage or Romanian Newspaper is moving further. Let me tell you, Lulia is seen with Salman Khan on this special occasion. Lulia is even very close to Salman's friend. Does everybody knows that we are together? Will Salman Khan this year announce his wedding this year. These are some question, which Salman and Lulia only know. Salman Khan's look from his upcoming movie Tubelight has been released. Salman in this film will be seen with a Chinese actress. You May also know : Salman Khan's Tubelight Look Upcoming movies List