Ranveer finally broke his silence over his marriage with Deepika

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh love is known to everyone. But you have gone shocked after listening to the news of their engagement. Then there was a news that they are going to get married, now what is the trust, this we don't know. But Ranveer broke his silence over marriage with Deepika. When Ranveer came to Mumbai, Media gathered around him and started asking questions about his marriage with Deepika, then he said, 'What you are talking. Morning, Still sleepy. Now I have some, so I ll get to know.' On Deepika's Birthday, there was news that during the starting of this year, they both got engaged. Both families met and Roka was done there itself. Nobody has denied this news. Ranveer very smartly moved on Marriage question. DId not said yes and even no.