Abbas Mustan to start their pending project with Saif Ali Khan

With the movie of Abaas Mustan released on Friday that is doing well, it has given a new pace to the directors. Now they will soon start their pending project with Saif Ali Khan. With the collection of 100 crore by Welcome Back, it has even conformed the comeback of Anees Bazmee again. The debut film of Kapil Sharma was released on Friday. This movie directed by Abbas Mustan collected 10 crore on the first day. It was many news in the industry that the actors of the new age are not comfortable doing movies with these actors. And when actors like Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan and other big stars did not give their dated to them then it was conformed. But it is worth noting that only 2 movies of these directors are flop out of the total 16. This jodi was always famous for making thriller and expensive movies and this is for the first time that they tried comedy and at a low budget as well. The movie did well on Friday. Sources have told that some actors even approached Abbas Mustan in the evening.  In this Saif Ali Khan was also included. It is said that Abbas Mustan along with Saif Ali Khan wanted to make movie on the novel of French Novelist, which was titled as  "The Count Of Monte Cristo". It was news to revise it and it has also been said that the work will start within 2 months. The issue was basically the fees and now Saif has lighten this burden also.