Bigg Boss 10 : Come lets take you to the journey of 8th Day

If to believe Karan Mehra then Manoj Punjabi is trying to get physical with Mona Lisa. On the 8th day of Bigg Boss Season 10, he has seen discussion this with his co-contestants. He said, during the talks, Manu's hand was touching Mona's thighs. Not only this, he also said Manu tried to get physical with all the girls. Karan suggested Mona Lisa that while talking to Manu, maintain some distance with him. But Mona told everything to Manu that what are celebrities talking about him. Manu said her not to listen to anyone and make her own decision. In the second week, Nominations were done on 8th Day. Along Manvir Gurjar, Nitibha Kaul, Manu Punjabi, Akansha Sharma, Mona Lisa, Rohan, and Gaurav Chopra, one will be out this week from the house. On the 8th day, Bigg Boss also announced that Indiawalo has broken the rule of the house by doing discussiong for the nomination, so power is been taken back from them. Bigg Boss made celebrities as the new owner of the house. Now Indiawale will work as servants of Celebs. Swami Om ji saw the cut out of Priyanka Jagga in the garden. he started missing her and could not stop himself to shed his tears. During this Lopa Mudra has Swami is doing drama and is shedding crocodile tears. As soon as Priyanka went out, Indiawale got separated. Now they have started fighting for their team only. Big argument was seen between Lokesh Kumari and Manu Punjabi on Monday. Here Manu said Lokesh to make the tea and Lokesh asked for Akansha's help. But manu said to Akansha that he has said to Lokesh so that she cannot give you work to some other one. In answerr, Lokesh told that he took Akansha's help because she has not taken bath. Whereas, half day is passed away. Arguments also happened between Swami Om ji and Rohan Mehra. You may also know : Nishtha Sharma won title of 'Voice Of India kids' Upcoming movies List