Shahrukh Khan gave shocking reply to Salman Khan's 'Raped Women' statement

Salman Khan these days is in news for his statement of Raped Women. Women Commission has also opened protest against them, but Bollywood is not having guts to say any thing against Salman Khan. Recently in an event, Shahrukh was asked his view on Salman's statement, but he turned the topic. In an event, Shahrukh was asked that should Salman apologize for his comment ?, on this Shahrukh said, 'I'm not the correct person to talk about you.' So like this he was seen turning the question, but when Media pressurized him, then he said, 'Even I have given many wrong statement, so I dont' think that I've a right to say on this issue, but if you are thinking that, I'm supporting Salman Khan, so please don't think it.' Let me tell you, Salman said in an inte rview that when he was shooting for Sultan, then he felt like a raped women, when he used to come out of the ring.'