Shahrukh-Salman this Jai-veeru photo is getting viral

Shahrukh Khan has shared a photo on his twitter handle, seeing this his fans will get happy, in this Both Shahrukh and Salman Khan are looking like Jai-Veeru. Difference is they have cycle instead of Motor cycle. It is heard for long time, that a cold war is going on between them, both of them hate eachother. Well few days back, on many occasion, Salman and Shahrukh were seen together, they were also seen hugging eachother, but now this photo will shut all the mouths. Shahrukh has cleared with this photo that he is good friend of Salman, whenever they get time, they spend time together and in the photo they both are seen sitting on the cycle. This photo is new, by seeing Salman's nairstyle, with this photo he worte, 'Bhai Bhai On Bike Bike. No Pollution.' Let me tell you, cycling is not new for Salman Khan, many time he goes to the set from cycle to avoid traffic jam, but Shahrukh is seen very less riding cycle.