Kangana found guilty in Forensic report, Hrithik got clean chit

One more thing is revealed between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan. One source says that Kangana talked about her email account hacked, there is no truth in that, so this is proved by a forensic report. One Forensic certificate has come. In this it is said that Hrithik never tried hacking the account of Kangana. Kangana lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui has again talked about account hacking, but one source of Hrithik told, 'Famous Forensic firm who works for Cyber crime and Defence forces, has given clean chit to Hrithik Roshan. 1 Report says that Hrithik has not replied to Kangana's mails. Hrithik did not even opened some mail for some time. Source said that this is wrong, now Kangana is again given air to this email hacking. He said, 'If we accept that kangana Email got hacked, which is a lie. But what about mails exchange between Hrithik and her sister Rangooli? She did not even say that it's her account.