Rishi Kapoor posted picture of "Lingam Swami" on Twitter, created controversy

Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor has again been in news in regard to his tweet. He shared the photo of Lingam Swami this time on his twitter account. After this there was a lot of controversy in regard to the picture. Some are seen opposing it while song threw personal comments. In thew Twitter cation Rishi Kapoor wrote "Stupidness...our country has so many stupid people who take wishes from such babas. It is really bad and unpleasant". After this there has been a lot on controversy in regard to this picture. It is not the first time when he has been in news for his tweet. Before this also he has been in news for posting tweet against Asaram, Radhe Maa and Sathya Sai. After this tweet he after sometime posed another tweet. He said I just want to awaken the people. What is happening to our country? Is there nothing left in the country that we are fighting for Radhe Maa and meat ban?