Because of these reasons "Puli" can be a superhit

The most expensive movie of Tamil superstar Vijay will be releasing in over 3500 screen on 2nd October. It will also be released on over 2000 screens worldwide. The budget of the movie is around 120 crore and it is one of the popular movies of the year 2015 to be released. Before the release of the film it has been hoped that it will do good at the box office. The promotion of the movie has also been done greatly and a lot of craziness has been shown for the movie. Now let us tell you that what the 5 reasons that will make Puli a super hit: Large opening: Seeking the promotion of the movie Puli in South, it is being expected that the movie will do well. A good start means a great box office collection. Puli along with Tamil has been released in Telugu and Hindi as well. According to news, this movie in India will release in over 3500 screens, in which 200 screens are in the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. 1000 screens are given to North states and the rest 500 for Kerala and Karnataka. The movie has got 2000 screens worldwide. Popularity of director Chimbu Deven: This movie has been directed by Chimu Deven. He has started his career with the movie Imsai Arasan 23m Pulikesi which was a super hit. In the 10 year career of Chimbu this is the fifth movie after which it is clear that he takes a lot of time to write the script and gives a successful movie. Effective star caste: In the film along with Vijay, actors like Shruti Hasan, Hansika Motwani are also there. Also Sridevi will be seen in lead role. She will be seen in the role of a queen in this. Talking about the fan following of Vijay, the actor has great list of fans in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Seeing the strong star caste of the movie it can be said that the movie will surely be a hit. Movie has been made taking care of the family: The movie Puli has been made keeping in mind the children and family. In the film the scenes that are been shown attract everyone towards each other. It has been shown in the film that how a big phase, a big tortoise and black cheetah attracts the people. Visual effects: The second trailer of the movie was recently released after seeing which the special effects used in the movie were really appreciated. Seeing the work of the movie it can surely do well.