Bollywood 'Oops' Moment: 20 Awkward and Embarrassing Instances

Over the years, the Bollywood industry has emerged as the hub of fashion, glamour and the latest trends. The actors and actresses bring forward new styles and outfits following which the same emerges as a trend. However, the celebrities and superstars at times face instances in their life when they are exposed to moments that are embarrassing and humiliating. These instances of the stars also get captured and go viral. Following is the list of actresses who have been subjected to the Bollywood 'oops moment' Of Actresses.

1. Deepika Padukone Oops Moment:

One of the most renowned and celebrated actresses of the Bollywood industry, Deepika Padukone is always in the limelight. However, the actress has faced situations where she has been subjected to a wardrobe malfunction pertaining to her wide neck-line dress. Unfortunately, the Bollywood actress' 'oops moment' also got captured on camera.

2. Sonam Kapoor Oops Moment

Sonam Kapoor is well-known for her unique and different outfits. The actress has received widespread popularity and fame. The actress has faced 'oops' moments due to her almost sleeveless dress flashing her body.

3. Alia Bhatt Oops Moment

Alia Bhatt wears stylish outfits but has also faced an awkward 'oops' moment many times and has been captured by the paparazzi. Alia had been lifted by her co-star Varun Dhawan while she was wearing a transparent dress.

4. Kareena Kapoor Khan Oops Moment

Kareena Kapoor Khan is dressed in the best stylish outfits. However, the actress has faced a wardrobe malfunction after she wore very short dresses to photo-shoots and events.

5. Katrina Kaif Oops Moment

The Dhunki girl has won the hearts of many with her adorable smile and killing looks. The actress has been spotted wearing ravishing outfits however she has faced awkward moments during her shoots and while performances as well.

6. Kangana Ranaut Oops Moment

The bold and fearless Kangana Ranaut is popular for her outspoken nature and amazing acting skills. Like the other actresses, Ranaut has also faced instances where her oops moment has been captured by the media.

7. Gauhar Khan Oops Moment

The subtle and sweet Gauhar Khan is popular in the industry for her acting and dancing skills. The actress had one time adorned a beautiful outfit on the ramp but faced a wardrobe malfunction due to her skirt that slit open exposing her back.


8. Parineeti Chopra Oops Moment

The 'oops' moment did not spare the cheerful actress as she herself faced a situation wherein her underpants had flashed and been captured by the media.

9. Shraddha Kapoor Oops Moment

The cute and beautiful Shraddha Kapoor is known for her simplicity and ravishing beauty. The actress maintains her simplicity and composure but she could not escape the media that captured her in an awkward wardrobe malfunction situation.

10. Sushmita Sen Oops Moment

Sushmita Sen might not be as active among people as she was earlier however, the actress has also faced an embarrassing situation due to her dress flashing her body.

11. Shamita Shetty Oops Moment

Shilpa Shetty's younger one has embraced a lot of appreciation and love. However, the actress was caught in an 'oops' moment where her short dress flashed her private parts.

12. Huma Qureshi Oops Moment

While many actresses were unable to escape their 'oops' moment, Huma Qureshi was also a prey to the camera of the media who captured her embarrassing wardrobe malfunction during promotional events.

13. Priyanka Chopra Oops Moment

Priyanka Chopra has gained international fame and is always dressed in stylish outfits. The actress has also faced a wardrobe malfunction many times. Once she wore a netted skirt that revealed her underpants.

14. Mallika Sherawat Oops Moment

One of the most-bold actresses of the Bollywood industry, Mallika Sherawat is well-known for her bold acting scenes. Mallika has also faced many awkward 'oops' moments, once the paparazzi captured her under-pant beneath her short dress.

15. Nidhhi Agerwal Oops Moment

The bubbly Nidhhi has faced an awkward situation when her high slit dress exposed her private parts during a promotional event.

16. Sana Khan Oops Moment

The ravishing Sana Khan is well-known for her bold outfits, however once the actress had worn a completely backless dress at an award function. The dress was completely backless following which many fellow actors could not hug her properly.

17. Shruti Haasan Oops Moment

Kamal Haasan's lovely daughter has also faced an 'oops' moment when she went to the Cannes film festival for the first time. Shruti faced a wardrobe malfunction during the event.


18. Disha Patani Oops Moment

Disha Patani has established herself as a very successful actress in the Bollywood industry. The actress has fallen prey to a lot of trolls over her fashion disaster. She faced an 'oops' moment once for her cleavage flash.

19. Rakul Preet Singh Oops Moment

The young Rakul Preet Singh also faced a wardrobe malfunction when her fellow actor Sidharth Malhotra lifted her during a public promotional event as she was wearing a short dress.

20. Shilpa Shetty Oops Moment

The cool mother, Shilpa Shetty is well-known and popular for her figure and beautiful outfits. However, the actress once faced a wardrobe malfunction when her high slit dress exposed her body.