'Udta Punjab' became case study in Business School

Controversies where going on over Abhishek Chaubey recent released film 'Udta Punjab'. Before the release only, fight were carried on between censor board and film producers. Censor Board suggested some cuts to the film, which was not like by those who were connected to the film. Now this film has become a subject of discussion in schools and organisation. Controversy was created in whole country, so seeing this Business schools studied it and have highlighted all the disputes relating to the film. Jaipuria Institute of Management of Jaipur, Nirma Business School in Ahmedabad and International Institute of Professional Studies In Indore made a case study on it, in which it is told that how people gave their view during the time of film release, which was topic of discussion after it's release also. Because of issue on this film at National Level, Business school thought of doing study on it. Udta Punjab is the most controversial film and is successful also. Director Madhu Mantena said, 'Udta Punjab was successful after facing many challenges. We were all together between the controversy. We have been asked questions from Media and schools, who wants to make case study on Udta Punjab.