Poonam Pandey is in love with this new thing

Poonam pandey always stays in news for her controversial statement, semi nude photos and video. She is always in news, as she is seen doing objectionable things on Social Media, but this time she hs expressed her love on social media. You must be thinking, who is he, who has started loving Poonam Pandey, but this is not a person, but it is a gadget and she has fallen for it. Poonam is getting arrested in it's love. poonam 1 Actually, Recently, she has bought a new gadget. It is a visual reality headset. Let me tell you, Vishul reality is a world which is made by computer software. But you can be it's part. To enjoy and experience image and music is used. In this virtual reality, who can go on space even when you are in your room. Can drive any car. Virtual reality has done brillent work in gaming. poonam 2 Poonam Pandey is also enjoying this virtual reality gadget. Poonam is fond of living in dreams world. Now what all she must be doing with it, you can guest this. Recently, Poonam Pandey was seen playing dirty game with one of her friend, she also shared the video on social media. Poonam has told this game as Rock Paper, scissor. Who losses the game, she has to slap the private part of the another one. Poonam till now has done only one Movie in Bollywood, but this film was not able to impress the box office. You may also know : Poonam Bold images after India Lost world cup Bollywood Movies 2016