Salman Khan made fans crazy through bike stunts

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan attended bike stunt programme of Suzuki where he also drove the bike which made his fans crazy. Salman was presented in Suzuki Gixer day event where famous stunt artist Aras Gibieza has shown some daredevil stunts. During this event for making his fans happy Salman also drove the bike and he say few words for Aras as thanks. Salman was also promoted his clothing brand throughout the event through wearing being human clothes. On the other hand Aras also shared his moments and said, it is a impressive moment and I am very happy to be here. I first time showed bike stunts in Mumbai and it is happy moment to meet Salman Khan. He further said, this is going to be best moment of my life and doing stunts in front of person like Salman Khan is really happiness. I am very happy to meet him and showed some stunts to him. Aras has won Europe stunt biking championship two times.