Prabhas to Release Trailer of Upcoming Telugu Film 'Zombie Reddy'

The upcoming Telugu action horror movie titled 'Zombie Reddy' is yet to release, however, the movie has already gained tremendous anticipation from the excited audience. Zombie Reddy is reportedly partially based on the Coronavirus pandemic, marking its name among the first few films to include the COVID-19 story. On the other hand, the movie happens to be the first-ever Zombie movie to release in Tollywood. While makers of Zombie Reddy are gathering appreciation and marking new highs in the film industry, another fascinating news regarding the movie's release has swept fans off their feet. While the trailer of the upcoming film is yet to release, it has been confirmed that Superstar Prabhas will do the honours regarding the same. Yes, you heard that right. The tailer of Zombie Reddy will be unveiled by Prabhas on 2 January, 2021. 

Zombie Reddy is helmed by Prasanth Varma and bankrolled by Raj Sekhar Varma. The upcoming film features Sajja Teja, Anandhi, Harsha Vardhan, Raghu Babu, Hari Teja, Daksha Nagarkar, Prudhvi Raj, Raghu Karumanchi among other actors. Makers of Zombie Reddy announced the movie on 8 August this year, however, the movie is still in the post-production stage. The filming of the film has been completed, following which the trailer will be launched by Prabhas on 2 January in the coming year. The final dates regarding the movie's release are yet to be finalised, however, reports suggest that the same will be out soon. The Tollywood industry is all set to witness an action-packed movie full of horror and the concepts of Zombie along with COVID-19 for the first time on screens.

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