Irrfan first imposed allegation on Rajnikant's film, later he said it was joke

Irrfn Khan said that the allegation that he imposed on Rajnikant 's film Kabali for stealing the poster from his film 'Madaari' was a joke. His motive was not to insult Rajnikant. Irrfan khan these days is busy promoting his film "Madaari', During the promotion he said, 'I respect Rajnikant sir, as as actor also I respect him a lot. Whatever I said about his film's poster was a joke. Poster which I was talking about is made by Rajnikan't sir fan club.' Before this he said in a promotional event, 'I don't know much about it, that how it happened. We are small filmmaker. I saw the poster and it was looking same as mine. However, it's not a big deal.' However, many posters of Kabali are seen on Social Media, but Rajnikant has shared only 2 poster on his twitter handle. This poster was released last year in September, when Kabali's shooting for started. Well, Rajnikant's fans has cleared that this poster is made by Rajnikant's fan club.