Akshay Kumar advised women to be a good observer

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has advise women to be a good observer. Actually, Akshay Kumar is running a self defence training school along with Aditya Thakre, where he trains self defence skills to kids and women. Akshay Kumar can here to honour those women, who completed their training of Marshal Arts. He motivated the students there and told them some tricks. During this Purnima Shetty shared one incident and told once she was going back to home, there was empty road so I got afraid, I called my friends, I got very afraid in reaching station in 20 mins. However I stay alone in Mumbai, but that day i got to know that what is fear. On this Akshay advise, 'Always remember that you have to fight with courage with the attacker because you will not feel week in front of the attacker. With all the tip from Akshay gave women strength. Akshay started this school 2 years ago with some kids. This Akshay step is appreciable.