Being Human to soon launch Jewelery Brand : Arpita Khan

Salman Khan's company is going to make a new start. Now jewelery brand will also come under Being Human. This information was given by Salman Khan's sister Arpita. Arpita told that in the world of clothing, Being Human has earned good name and they they are going to start their new venture. Arpita also told that this jewelery brand will be the main reason for attraction for women, because 70 % products will be made keep women in mind. Arpita told that Being Human is a trusted brand and further also it will try to maintain it's name. According to Arpita, this will start from next month. Arpita announced this on Retail Jewelers India Awards 2016. She also said that Being Human is very close to her heart and she tries to make it successful. Recently, Arpita has given birth to a baby boy Ahil and most of the time Salman is seen playing with him. Although Salman is not free, because now he ia going to start the shooting of Kabil Khan Tubelight, but how much time he is getting that he is spending with Ahil. Few days back there was a video viral, in which he was playing with Ahil in Sultan style, Ahil was in Sohail' lap. It seems like, Whenever Salman goes to Ahil, he is seen in this style only and Ahil also loves this style. So Ahil enjoys with this Mama. You may Also know : Sonakshi donates her first Salary to Being Human Salman Khan upcoming movies