Salman Khan is upset with the increase of ticket price

Bollywood actor Salman Khan has always been against increasing ticket rate. In an Interview few days back, Salman said that hindi films ticket price should be reduced and new theatres should be open. If Salman releases any film in his banner, so before selling the right, Salman never forget to talk about reduction of ticket price to the company who buy rights. But now the news is Salman is upset with the high ticket Price. Sanjay Ghai who is linked with Distribution business said, 'When Salman Khan's Dabangg was released then Arbaz Khan said it clearly that Salman doesn't want to increase the price of the ticket. My films are for each and every class and he doesn't want people not to see Dabangg because high price ticket.' Talking about Yashraj films, it's YRF production and Salman asked Aditya Chopra personally for not increasing the price of ticket. According to source, Salman told Aditya that he want audience to go and see this film in Theatres, but for, prize should get reduced, that time Adi told Salman Khan, that he also want not to increase the prize of tickets for Sultan, still they were increased, So Salman is very upset, but he cannot do anything. It is been told that as soon as multiplex theatres got to know that Sultan is on 170 minutes, so it will take long time and equally less shows will be shown, by that canteen business will be effected, so they increased the ticket by 15-39 %. So on single screens theatres increased to price rate from 20 Rs to 50 Rs and in Multiplex price was increased to 50 to 100 rs.