Actress Anushka Sharma Launches Her Apparel Brand 'Nush'

Actress Anushka Sharma has got her hands into a brand new venture and this time it is not something that is related to movies. The actress earlier ventured into production but now she has ventured into something related to Fashion. Yes, the actress has launched a brand new clothing line with the name ‘Nush’. With the clothing line, Anushka aims to capture the attention of a wide range of people by keeping in mind all sizes. The actress announced the same at a press event, where she mentioned that most of the clothing is styled in a manner that it will look good on a wide range of body-types. And with this, she aims to reach a wide market, from college goers to stylishly professionals. She also revealed that her clothing line will range from INR 699 to INR 3,999. Anushka Sharma says she’s kept Nush’s collection in sync with her own style. While she shops abroad the one thing that irks her is the fact that most clothes there aren’t suited for the Indian eye or weather. So while choosing fabrics and the colours that was the one thing she kept in mind. Calling her style “accessible”, she has tried to imitate the same with her clothing line.
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