Is Salman Khan behind the break up of Virat and Anushka ?

Break up of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma is surrounded in the news. The reason behind this is not clear, but now Salman Khan is told the reason of their breakup. Virat wanted Anushka to go show in her carrer for sometime and should said no to do Salman Khan's film Sultan. Now Virat Kohli always wanted to tie knots with Anushka Sharma like other team players, but Anushka is not ready for this right now. There was a news that Virat proposed Anushka for the marrige , then only she got offer of Sultan, During this, Anushka told Virat that she is getting chance to work with Salman Khan and Virat asked her to say no to Salman Khan's film Sultan. If to believe the news, then Anushka thought that Virat was not serious and was doing all this for fun, because before he was seen motivating Anushka to move forward in her career. When again and again Virat was puts pressure on Anushka to marry him, then Anushka said clearly that she can not say no to Salman Khan's film nor she can leave her career. Anushka thought that her carried will be affected due to marriage and after rejecting this film any producer and director will not take her seriously, this is the reason why problems occured between them and they Broke up.