Zarine Khan replaced Kangana Ranaut in Divine Lovers

It seems like things are not going according to Kangana Ranaut. First Issues are going on with Hrihtik Roshan and seconds films offer are slipping from her hands. Third time National Award winner kangana Ranaut will be seen with Actor Irrfan khan in Divine Lovers. This film was directed by Sai Kabir. But now Kangana is out of this film. News is Zarine Khan has been taken in this film, last time she was see Hate Story 3 and she is ready to do the film. Kabir said, 'She is perfect for this role because we needed a girl who looks Pathani. Reason why Kangana is not in the film. kangana is also busy in other stuff, so she is not able to give dates for this film, so that's why shooting was also not started and then Zarine was taken. Now Zarine will take 2 months of special training. Shooting of this film will start in September. Divine Lovers is a romantic comedy film.