Ajay Devgan got a new trend, now everybody will follow it

Ajay Devgan once again have started the trending of smartness. Actually, his Baadshaho release date is decided, i.e 12 May 2017. Earlier it was clashing with Kaabil and Raees, then it was decided that film will release on Good Friday. But now Ajay Devgan has taken risk and left the festivals and has taken one single date of May, to release the film. Trend of clash in is getting famous in Bollywood. It is like a war. Well few years back, it was not the big thing. Now when a year has 52 weeks and films are more than 200, then clashing in such situation is not a big deal. But now Bollywood have become a good community, where no superstar fight with anyone else. Well next year it will be changed, like earlier, where films will clash and will have great earning. Everyone will accept that no one leaves the change to see nice film and Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani got the old trend last year. Now see who losses and who wins this race.