What will happen to Katti Batti in the box office?

Out of all the films that are releasing on 18 September, Katti Batti is the centre of attraction among all. It is because of Kangana Ranaut as die to her previous movies her fan following has increased greatly. Her presence in the movie thus guarantees it's success. Imran is being forgot by everybody. So it is important for him. If the movie does not work then Imran surely has to think something else. Aamir on the other hand is taking great interest in the movie and has even done certain changes. Apart from the hero Imran Khan, there is no energy in the director Nikhil Advani also. He has given movies like Chandani Chowk To China and Patiala House. Last week his movie "Hero" was released which was not able to do good at the box office collection. Seeing the movie and it's concept it is based on the people of the metropolitan cities. So most of the hope is with the Bix states only. The promo has been liked so it can get a good opening. There is no star value due to the presence of Imran. He cannot attract audience with his work. Nikhil on the other hand could not do better till now. Now the while hope is with Kangana.