Honey Singh finally revealed, why he was out of Limelight for 18 Months

Today is Rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh's Birthday. Honey Singh today has turned 33. However, rapper, music producer, singer and actor Honey Singh was away from limelight for 18 months. But now he has talked about why he was off limelight for few months. In an interview, Honey Singh told that he was at his Noida situated house and was suffering Bipolar Disorder and Alcoholism.And then there was too much discussion when he was out of limelight. Some said that he was in rehabilitation centre because of drugs overdose and some told that he was not getting any project because of some issues with Shahrukh Khan. But Honey has stopped such discussion and said he was suffering from Bipolar disorder. Four doctors were changed when he was suffering for such problems. Honey Singh told that he wrote more than 50 poems during that time and now is thinking to publish it. Finally he is back with the form. Now a days he is in news for his upcoming Punjabi movie Zorawar. He will be scene doing action in the film. Trailer of this film has been released.