Because of Beard Aarya was asked to leave the film

Arya Babbar was offered a role in Director Aaryaman Ramsay next film 'Ye Kaisa Khiladi', but now he is not the part of the film. Aaryaman says that reason behind leaving the project was his beard, whereas Aarya says that he left this project. Aarya got the role of Policeman in the film because Aarya has done role of Policeman in film Tees Maar Khan. If to believe Aaryaman then Aarya had to shave his beard, but he could not do it. So he was not having any other option but leaving the film. Actually, these days he is playing Ravan character in tv serial 'Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman'. For this role he has kept beard. He could not shave off his beard because of another project. Aaryaman said, 'At last Aarya refused to remove his beard. Now we are searching for some other actors. This has hamper the shooting.' Aarya is saying something else. He say that, 'See, Makers did not tell me this in written that I have to remove my beard. He said this to me a week before shooting. I believe that a actor is known for his talent, not for his face.'