Trsiha Krishnan to play role of 20 year old girl in "Nayanki"

South actress Trisha Krishnan will soon play the role of a girl half her age in her upcoming movie. This is her Tamil-Telugu film which is named as "Nayaki" and is a horror comedy movie. Govi told that Trisha is doing great hard work for her role in the movie. She is doing her best to show herself even more young. He did not told anything to Trisha that what she needs to do. When they told about the character to her she herself understood that what she needs to do and what they are expecting from her. Govi told that to give a look to Trisha not only a makeup artist is hired but a designer from Mumbai is also hired. He added that "Nayaki" is an old horror comedy movie. This has never happened before. In this Trisha will be seen in the look of 1980s. The story will go to the time in the past. In this there will be 98% comedy and 2% horror.