'You Son is bigger Superstar than you', Kejriwal said to Emraan

Arvind Kejriwan congratulating actor Emraan Hashmi for winning the battle against his son's cancer, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal called the six-year old a bigger superstar than his father. Mr Kejriwal was speaking at India Islamic Cultural Centre in Delhi during the launch of Mr Hashmi's debut book titled 'Kiss of life'. Co-author of the book is Bilal Siddiqui. The whole book revolves around Emraan Hashmi's journey during his 4-year-old son Ayaan's kidney cancer and the long struggle that he and his wife lived, before their son was medically declared 'cancer-free'. Kejriwal siad, 'I want to congratulate Emraan and Bilal for writing this book. I have not read this book, but till now hat ever I have heard, then I think you son is bigger star than you.' After known his cancer, he was taken to Canada for the treatment, it was not only painful, but was very expensive. According to Kejriwal, Emraan was lucky that he could afford such costly treatment, but he has also told that, everyone is not capable of doing this. He also said, ' It was the government's duty to come to their aid'. CM said, Emraan was lucky, that he could afford the treatment there. But there are any other people in out country who can not afford such treatment. However, this is government responsibility to invest sufficiently in public services so that people don't die because they don't have money. That is the government's job and in Delhi we are trying our best. Kejriwal said, I think this book is about Hope and Emraan is right, when he says that this book is not only about cancer. First this is about patient of Cancer, when they start losing hope, their bodies also start giving up rapidly. So Cancer patient should read this book. Kejriwal said, 'I also think that everyone should read this book, because this is not only about cancer. There are many situations in our life, when we struggle and if you are with hope then its better. During this treatment, Emraan said that he was looking for remedies that could cure his son, he chanced upon a study that quoted majority (85 per cent) of the cancer cases were in fact lifestyle related. Emraan appreciated Kejrial's Even Odd car formula and said, it should be apploed in more cities and try to control the pollution. Emraan told that the book also tells about funny stories from the industry, me as an irresponsible bum in my college and school and stories about kissing.'