Love Games Movie 2016 – Gaurav Arora, Patralekha and Tara Alisha Berry

Name of the Film Love Games
Critics Rating 1 Star
Director Vikram Bhatt
Star cast Gaurav Arora, Patralekha and Tara Alisha Berry
Genre Erotic Thriller
Duration 1 Hours 54 minutes
Date Released 8 April,2016
Viram Bhatt is known as expect of Romantic Films and along with Horror and Erotic Thriller. Some time he makes films like Gulaam and Footpath and sometimes like Raaz and 1920. This time he has made Erotic thriller 'love Games'. Come lets know, how this film is : Story : This story is about Ramona (Patralekha) and Sameer Saxena (Gaurav Arora). Both of them are rich but are not satisfied with life and they get to know abut swinger group and start playing games of Break up in Big parties. During this, Sameer falls in love with Alisha (Tara Alisha Berry), and Ramona don't like it, many twist and turns come in the film and finally this story reaches his destination, which you will get to know by the film. Script : Thinking of the film is nice, which focuses on Swinger and Vikram has tried hard to show it. Viram has also tried to slow mentality of such group in the society and has also showed intimate scenes. However, film is quite slow and could have been fast and many more twist and turns could have been shown. Motive of the film is love, what it is revenge or something else, this is not clear. Film has bold scenes. Acting : Subject of the film is important, accordingly Gaurav Arora has done nice work, whereas Alisha has also played his role amazing. Patralekha before has acted as typical Rajasthani women and here as glamorous women Ramona character. Hetan Tezwani has short but nice role. Music : Music of the film is not that special, which makes you sit.