Script writer of 'The Kapil Sharma show' arrested on the charges on Murder

Script writer of 'The Kapil Sharma Show' Ramabhishek arrested in the charges of Murder. He was absconded after killing two people. Police was searching Ramabhishek for 7 years. Prize of 30 Thousand was kept on him. Police told that, few days back they got the news that Ramabhishek was living in Versova, that too with other name. Then STF caught him. During interrogation, he told that he took Mass Communication Degree from Delhi. Then he did MBA. Ramabhishek's wife works in a Multinational company in Bangkok. Rama was changing his names from Kera Singh, Balinger Singh and Rohit, as he could get save from police. 7 years ago, Rama controversy was going with Bhure Singh over land. In 2009, Ramabhishek and his father Manoj Singh attacked Bhure and other Opponents. In which 3 were injured and Ramnaresh Sharma and Rameshwar was killed. Prize of 50 thousand were kept on Manoj and he was arrested in 2011 in Gorakhpur police. In police interrogation, Rama told that father left his house and went to Allahbad and started living with Jhushi family. Then after staying there, he came to Mumbai, to check his destiny. Ramabhishek that time used to do acting as well as scripting in Sab TV's Indian Drama, Then Kapil started writing a laughter script who was working with K Night Production. Now he is been taken to Azamgarh. Kapil Sharma show is doing well, this show has left behind Krushna's show 'Comedy Night Bachao', every actor is seen promotion this film. You may also know : Box office collection 2016 Superhit Movies List