Balika Vadhu soon will be ended up

Colors channel 'Balika Vadhu' has entered his name in Limca Book Record this year in May, soon with will be closed. It's 2225 episode will be the last one. Started on 21 July 2008 and will give it's last salute on 31 July. This show was started with Child marriage in Rajasthan, in which Anandi and Jagya gets married in small age. Now story has gone very far in second season, which is focus on Anandi's daughter Nandani and her love life Krish. Now story has become modern. On ending of show, Ruslon said, 'We were promised that we will be given notice 2 months before this show gets over, but I was told few days back about it. We were listening rumours about it, but whenever we used to talk to production house, they always repeat their promises. I think show has gone slow with the old cast, so to speed it up, me and Mahi were called. Maybe this story has become too modern for the audience. Well, I 'm ready to move forward.' Mahi is very angry about it. She said, 'We were given information on Tuesday that this show ill end on 31 July and 20th July is our last day to work. This was going good despite of IPL around 8, but channel decided to air it on 6:30. It did not got change to run properly. I have refused many offers for this show, because it was going on for long time, so I had more expectations.' Avinath Mukherjee who played 9th years old Jagya, went emotional when he got to know that show is closing down. This show was loved all over the world, he said like Balika Vadhu theme, he is also preparing for a concert, in which many actors are included who had work with him. Remembering this show, Avinash told that in 50 Degree climate, we used to shoot this show, He told that Avika and he used to be very excited about the show, they used to go and sit in sound recording area or Camera department. He told for few scenes he co-direct the show and show was not even started and he gave his first autograph. Then he took break for his 10th class. Let me tell you, later on Avika character was taken by Pratyusha Banerjee, she played it for next 2 years. On April 1, 2016, she commited suicide. Now show is also going to get over. Channel has not commented on it.