Sangram Singh says no to Dangal

Wrestling champion Sangram Singh has denied to work with Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan. Actually Aamir Khan wants to fight with Sangram Singh in the final fight of his upcoming movie 'Dangal' as the fight should look real. Sangram did not liked this offer, becuse his role is of losing wrestler. Sangram say, "I really respect Aamir Khan and when he approached me for Dangal, then I was very happy. Unluckily I have to fought against Aamir and have to loose the match which is not acceptable." Ego or Pride ? : Sangram said he did not accepted the offer on the grounds of Ego or Pride. He says, "It's not about ego or pride. It's about respect that the country has given me. I can not play the role of loser just to feel happy that I have to work with Aamir Khan. Said All The Best to both Salman Khan and Aamir Khan : Sangram congratulated Salman Khan and Aamir Khan for playing the role of Wrestler. He says, the sports will get a positive attention with role played by two big stars Salman Ji and Shahrukh Ji. Like 'Chak De India' by Shahrukh Ji which helped Hockey to get popularity in India.