Salman Will fight against Tyron Woodley

Directed by Abbas Jafar Sultan Starring Salman khan, where Salman will be playing the role of a Fighter named Sultan. Tyron Woodley will be seen fighting with Salman Khan. His ranking is second in Ultimate Fighting Championship. It will be his Bollywood debut. Before this he was seen in the movie State Out Compton released this year. Three week before he announced that he is going to India and will do a film with Salman Khan. After that he posted on the Instagram, " I am shooting in India. This man- Salman Khan is like god to Indian people. You take is name and your weight automatically get increased. It happens when you are in top 15 richest actors". Tyron schedule was finished on December 1 and he wrote to Salman, "Today's work was solid Brother! I am inspired".