Sameer Anjaan name in Guinness Book for writing maximum songs

Bollywood Industry popular lyricist Sameer Anjaan name has been recently noted down in Guinness Book of World Records .This award is given to Sameer for writing maximum songs in Bollywood. Sameer Anjaan is the first lyricist to engrave his name in Guinness Book of World Records. Sameer same was written down in Guinness Book of World Records in an event held in Mumbai. Sameer has been writing songs for more than 30 years, his superhit songs are also in the list. He has written around 4000 songs in 650 movies. [embed][/embed] No other lyricist ever has touched this figure. However there is no such category in Guinness Book, but when the team was researching then it got to know that Sameer has written maximum songs, then a new category was made and Sameer was honoured with it.