Salman Khan Don't like to Wear Too Much Clothes

Audience always enjoyed whenever Salman Khan has come shirtless on screen, this is the style of Salman Khan's films now. Now Salman Khan says, he don't like to wear too much clothes in reality and he feels uncomfortable in full clothes. According to Salman, he wear less clothes in the home especially, even his father Saleem Khan also doesn't like to wear too much clothes. Salman in the fashion show event in IIM Ahamdabad  said, "I feel uncomfortable with too much clothes, whenever I start dress up I feel something gets me." Salman said "Sometime you come to my home and you will know yourself, me and my father like to wear less clothes in home like shirt or vest with jeans." Bringing Khadi back in trend keeping in mind this PM Modi's suggestion Non-profit organization FDCI in the second edition of its unique initiative presented Khadi in a different way in IIM's louis Khan Plaza, which theme was 'hearts to high street'. In this event, Salman Khan shows his scattered vigor wearing Khandi on the ramp after sometime his co-actress Sonam Kapoor also shows his style at ramp through promoting Khadi. Actor said, "I had wore Khadi clothes in my college time, I use to buy khadi clothes from a local shop. I remember that time close you button is very difficult in Khadi clothes, but now it becomes very easy. Salman said, "I have wore khadi clothes in 'Prem Ratan Dhan Payo', I am planning to join khadi in my fashion line being human."