Ranveer Singh and Farooq Abdullah danced on Malhari

Jammu Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah danced with Ranveer Singh on song of Bajirao Mastani 'Malhari'. Occasion was NDTV India of the Year Award. Farooq expressed his love towards Bollywood and said, 'If he would have not been Political leader then he would have been trying for Bollywood. Ranveer was awarded with Entertainer Of the Year. He reached at the stage to take the award, then song from Bajirao Mastani was played. On this Ranveer and Farooq danced together. Farooq in this program said, 'I would love to be an actor than being a political leader. Because whatever they do, we don't do and what Ranveer does, I would love to do that, for this I have to wait for my next birth.' On this Ranveer said in a hilarious way, I think if you enter in acting, then Amitabh Bachchan will be facing problems.'