Rajasthan Government will challenge High Court Decision against Salman Khan acquitting

Rajasthan Government will challenge Rajasthan High Court decision at Supreme Court after releasing Salman khan in 1998 chinkara case. Rajasthan Parliamentary Affairs and Law Minister Rajendra Rathod talked to reporter after the cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister. He siad on a question that Govennment is Observation good and bad aspect in Salman Khan case and government has made it's mind to challenge High Decision court in Supreme Court. Rajasthan High Court judgment given on July 25 in Bhawad and Mathania Chinkara case. Salman's appeal was accpeted and acquitted him in both the cases. Two cases were registered against the actor under section 51 of the Wildlife Protection Act for poaching two chinkara, in Bhawad village on September 26-27, 1998 and one in Mathania (Ghoda Farm) on September 28-29, 1998. Lower Court found Salman Khan guilty in both the cases and sentenced his 1 year punishment on 17 February 2006 and on 10th April 2006, he was given punishment for 5 years. High Court even freed Salman Khan in Hit and Run Case saying that prosecution has no factual evidence to show in this case. After that Maharashtra Government has filed a petition in Supreme court against Bombay High Court. High Court freed Salman Khan. Before High Court Decision, Session court found Salman Khan guilty and sentenced him 5 years jail, but later Salman Khan took stay from High Court. Maharashtra Petition was accepted the petition of the government, Even Salman Khan filed counter Affidavit. Still case is on, now see what will happen next. You may also know : Salman Khan Upcoming Movies Problems for Salman in Hit and Run Case