People who are fond of seeing films, there is a good news for them

If you fond of seeing films and during the film, anti-smoking ads disturb you, then you have a good news. Shyam Benegal Committee has requested to stop the disclaimer of Anti Smoking during the film, rather give it in the starting of the film. Committee also said that Disclaimer should be play in voice over, so the message of Anti-smoking gets clear to the audience. Benegal has suggested to make this disclaimer in in all Indian language. Committee also suggested that film industry people should make anti smoking themes short film and actors should contribute this on big screens. Apart from this, Benegal committee said that which character is seen doing smoking in the film, you can show it in the starting through a video. Committee believes that disclaimer is shown every time, which this audience get's disturbed and even affects the creative value. During Censor Board issues with Udta Punjab,  Committee suggested that Censor Board should take his decision on those films which are connected to the National interest or National Security. It also suggested that there should be a particular time, in which you can show adult content on Tv and even much people don't see it much.  Even CBFC can not suggest cut or changes, only can give Certificates. You may also know : Bollywood Movies 2017 Box office collection 2016