Pulkit Samrat targeted Shweta Rohira

News is flashing from long that reason behind Pulkit Samrat and Shweta Rohira separation is Yami Gautam. Pulkit got married to Shweta in 2014, but it did not last for 1 year also. Soon news of fights started coming and reason was told Yami Gautam, they both came close, when Shweta had miscarriage and doctor asked her to take rest. On this issue, Pulkit said that he is upset with Shweta. He did not had any guesses that Shweta will try out miscarriage to insult me . According to information, Shweta had miscarriage in half of 2015, but according to Pulkit, Shweta had miscarriage in 2012, when we were not married. I'm shocked with the news that Shweta has spread, it is not good to tell publicly. It felt it more bad when I got to know that, person with whom I was living with can do such thing to destroy my image and sympathy for her. Pulkit said, 'Till now I was shut, but now the issue has been raised now. How did such personal thing (Miscarriage)came out. My relationship is completely ended with Shweta. Let me tell you, there was news that when Shweta had miscarriage then she went to her mom house. Pulkit used to come there and meet. That time Shooting of Sanam Re was started. So in such situation, Pulkit was busy in shooting and Yami, so differences were created. On the EID party, Pulkit and Shweta faced eachother at Salman's place. Here Shweta ignored Pulkit. Salman was also seeing this, but he did not say anything. Pulkit was trying to show, even after the separation, his relations with Salman is good. Few days back, Salman went with Shweta to see Daisy Shah's show 'Begam Jaan'. Here he talked about Pulkit. He asked, why they have not filed divorce petition.