Vidya Balan could play the role of Indira Gandhi

Nowadays, whenever there is talk of a biopic then the first name steeper of Vidya Balan. Now confirmed reports that Vidya Balan had been talked about for the biopic making on former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. - Manish says that Vidya loved the script and is now awaiting for their approval. The director believes that the film only obstacle in the way of the clearances. Yet they wiil have to take approval from Indira Gandhi's family. - Manish said, "I have read 26 books at the Indira Gandhi. I have received information from people close to them. Our preparation is complete. Enough! awaiting for the approval of Gandhi famly." The director said the film will be made in earnest and will not put any dance and music. He said," how We can show Indira Gandhi in dance." That being said, Rajiv Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi's character will be created in the film. Who will play this role, it has not been set. According to the director, it will certainly not common Bollywood film.