Tiger and Akshay are more fit in Bollywood : Dino Morea

Even he is not active to Bollywood Industry now but he is always know for his fit physic, we are talking about Dino Morea who believed that Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff are most fit actor in Bollywood. He said in a Health Magazine new cover launch event, today I definitely talk about youngster and he is Tiger Shroff because I have played with him a lot. When we are in school we played basketball together so I know his fitness level and I think now he is one of the fit man in youths. He added, In seniors Akshay Kumar is more fit than others and he took training seriously. Dino is always know for his fit physique before the six-pack or eight-pack culture comes in Bollywood. He was seen topless in many films in 2000, after Shahrukh khan had seen in six-pack abs for 'Om Shanti Om'. When asked to Deno about the two superstar fitness, I believe he do workout and go to gym regularly. Salman is excited for his first film as wrestler and he is fit, but if you talking about more fitness then I would take name of Tiger Shroff and Akshay Kumar. This is to inform because of interest in fitness, Deno started 15 free fitness station in Mumbai where people can basic exercise.