Aamir got injured during shooting for 'Dangal'

Aamir Khan had put his weight 90 Kg after increasing 30 Kg weight in his body. At that time, everyone was said that it will make the affect on the health of actor and now it is really happening, but the reason behind it is Aamir's non-stop shooting. Recently, during the shooting of the film in Ludhiana Aamir suddenly collapsed during an action Sequence. According to the news Aamir is shooting for a long running action sequence for that Aamir has to give multiple takes for different angels. During the final shot for it Aamir nerves gets stretched. Despite a half an hour break and ice-pack he can't get rest. Even he were not able to stand, Subsequently, he was taken to hospital, where they discovered that his shoulder hurt seriously. The film's shooting has stalled due to Aamir's injury, he was shooting in ludhiana continuously 40 days. The doctors have given bed rest for Aamir Khan. The interesting thing is that Wrestler Mahavir Phogat and his daughters were there that time when Aamir got injured. Aamir is playing a Mahavir Singh's character in film 'Dangal' which will release on 24th December next year.