Directors have offered me bribe for passing the films : Censor Board chief Nihlani

Censor board Pahlaj Nihalni says that there are many incidents where directors have offered me bribe for not removing the scenes. He also claimed that some people tries to make film pass as they made through the bribe. While asking him for offering bribe by the film makers for any scenes to not remove. He replied, yes because people do not leave their habits and they always tries to make their work same. Someone has offered me bribe but I can't take his name. He said, they always tried to save their work Why is not anyone's fault .. why blames officials. When we thinks our work should happen then we not hesitate to give money Some are shy and do so. Nihlani also said that from now CBF people doesn't accept any kind of gift from anyone. He said, now I can say that our team rejects the offers of Diwali. I feel proud on them there is no corruption in censor board now. Recently a team has been organised in the leading of director Shyam Bengal to review and improvements on controversial censor board. Nihlani replied on that Shyam is very intelligent person and he will do the thing which will be right. While asking that people use to call censor board as traditional because of censorship he replied, I feel this is an achievement because they are following rules. Nihali said, I am working according to the rules and I am following them, this is my work. whatever people will call me I will think as achievement now Benegal  committee has been organised and they will make the rules and whatever it would we will follow. Nihlani also criticized Hansal Mehta and siad because we have gave trailer A certificate he is making this a publicity stunt. I have not seen the film, people will decide the result through the box office and mine view doesn't matter. I am president and there are some people in my panel who passed the film without any cuts. He received A certificate because they wanted this and there are no changes in the film. He also claimed that some producers make this publicity stunt to criticize CBF.