This is what Twinkle Khanna thinks about Rishi Kapoor Birthday wish

Rishi Kapoor has always been in news for his controversial twits. Recently, again he twits something weird on Twinkle Khanna's Birthday, that again he is on everyone's target. However, what Twinkle things about this, it now out and he did not like this twit weird or bad, but in her view it is a very beautiful twit. First lets see the twit that Rishi Kapoor twits : People started criticizing Rishi Kapoor after that but Twinkle did not feel bad about it. She twits that, ' why is everyone making this Birthday wish twit an issue. This is beautiful twit.' Let me tell you, Twinkle is of 41 years now. Rajesh khanna and her Birthday comes on the same day. After the criticism, Rishi Kapoor also twits.