Shahrukh hates when any hero plays the role of Delhi boy

Shahrukh Khan will be seen doing double role in 'Fan'. One character is of Superstar and other is of one young boy. On talking about this, Shahrukh told, Shooting of 'Fan' was like physically getting changed but the experience was interesting'. Recently, Shahrukh Khan has completed the shooting of Yashraj this film. Khan said, 'Every day there was new challenge. It was very difficult to be like 24 year boy. the major drawback was just to get ready like him it always took 4 hours. A boy who look like that superstar and likes him a lot.' Shahrukh said, 'This story is some how like me. There is boy, who follows the star. He thinks that he is also from Delhi. But this story is quite different. It's some capture were really interesting.' Shahrukh is very happy to play the character of Delhi boy. He said, 'I am happy that I got a chance to play a role of Delhi boy. I used to get annoyed, if anyone used to play the role of Delhi boy, when he is even not from Delhi. I always use to think, why am I not getting this role, when I am from Delhi only. Now I am very happy. Shahrukh told, 'I had forgotten how to pronounce in that way, buy now I have again learn it.'